sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

We dont do "easy"

  These came out in 96 or 97 just when I started to work with bikes professionally at a Yamaha dealership. These were beautiful , light and non-selling bikes. I never understood why someone would prefer the Thundercats or the Thunderaces. I have never ridden one, but always wanted to.

This bike has been left out in the rain for some time , and according to the person who sold it to me, it's got an engine knock. I havent started it yet, due to electrical problems , but will do soon.

So far I've found a non-cooperating starter relay (wating for the new part to come in), completely seized brake calipers, very  rusty carbs (on the outside) and very rusty petrol tank (on the inside)

After its been washed and scrubbed 3 times in the same day.
Something to do in the winter time.

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