domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Today started dark grey and rainy. Really horrible "lets stay in" kind of day and at this time of year, by 4pm it's considered night time again. I made my way to the workshop quite early to face the challenge of breaking into the engine and figure out what's wrong with it. I was there by 9am although I didnt feel like doing much.

By 12h30 I knew what I wanted to know... I'm fucked.  The damage is quite big and lots of bits have to be replaced.

The engine has been run with no oil, and then some more. The guy who owned it probably heard a funny noise in the engine and decided to rev it a bit more , just to see if it would go away.

 The crankshaft has to be replaced or machined and the same goes for the conrod. The top end doesnt seem to be too bad, pistons are ok with no damage or signs of excessive wear. Anyway, it will run again.

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