sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011

Kempton Park 2011

segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

No life? Get a Yamaha

Trade mark

Finally the radiator's on.  The silencers are just hanging there for the photo and the carbs need cleaning (that's what the right hand cylinder says).  I've been trying to reduce the ignition barrel's size so I can fit it some place else (??)  Slowly, it should be on the road (ilegally) soon.  Remind me to get some disc bolts before that.

quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Brakes and lights

I've decided to build this bike spending the least possible money and using bits that I could get my hands on without the use of currency. Yes, this includes stealing as well but it's all for a good cause.

YZR750R rear light after many hours of DIY and a MT-01 titanium slip -on just for mockup

sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011



After installing the engine, it didnt take much for it to start. Because the downpipes have been chopped by the breaker, I cant get them out and install new ones. It runs, spits sparks and fire throughout the exhaust and it's so loud I cant ear the engine.  I'm happy for now although there's still lots of work ahead.
 More tomorrow, stay tuned!

quarta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2011

Found a (good) engine

Went today to Winchester and brought back a 25 000 miles TRX850 engine in supposedly good running condition.  This means that I've now got to find myself  more "extra-curricular activities" to pay for it AND still find time to rebuild the bike. I might throw it in just to get it running and see how it goes.

More to come soon...

terça-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2011

Keeping it going

sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

TRX work continues


No, I didnt abandon the TRX project. It's been sitting in the workshop with the engine out while I try to find a replacement.  Nothing on ebay so far and something tells me I'm going to have to rebuild the old one.  So far I managed not to spend any money in it but I guess the work pace shows it.  Anyway, I've done some small stuff to it recently as a way to convice myself that something has to be done.

Standard TRX/TDM/FZR calipers
YZF600/R1 blue spot calipers

 I cut off the ignition barrel mount on the top yoke to clear some space for the front number board and replaced the front brake assembly for a Thundercat's one.