quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

Now what?

I got the starter relay at the beggining of the week and yesterday managed to find time to start the bike up. Ok, it runs. The pressure comming form the exhausts seems to be ok, but...it's got a very loud noise inside the engine. I was told that this might happen by the guy who sold it to me, so nothing's new.

I thought to myself I would start by taking the sump out and checking the con rods from the bottom. If I dont find anything there, I'll take the top cover out and check everything there.

To get to the sump I need to get the exhaust pipes out of the way and that's what I did for almost 3 hours after work. Four f"#&%g bolts that would not move no matter what I did to them. Acetilene gas, tig , chisel, hammer, everything. I finally managed to cut the studs right where they come out of the engine, and that's going to be a job to take them out.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted with whatever I find in the near future.

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