sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

Kempton Park Bikejumble

Kempton Park Race Course

XL250 Motorsport

terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010


After much f... about with the carburettors through several weeks trying to get the right cylinder to run properly, I finally got to a setup wich sounded OK through the exhausts and looked OK by the spark plug condition. The next step, I thought, would be to take the bike for some miles and the weather seemed to be holding up quite well despite of the forecast,so the decision was made. Food for 5 days , waterproof suit,enough tools to rebuild the bike,all packed in the rucksack and off I went, pointing south to the Carole Nash Eurojumble.

Running great all the way down I was stopping on every service station , looking for noises, oil leaks, loose bolts, etc. I did find one oil leak meaning the bolts needed tightening.

3 hours later I arrived at the event only to understand that the main day was Friday and this was 2 o'clock on Saturday afternoon and everyone was leaving.

Yep, the show was over. Not to worry, I still managed to get a few pictures from the rusty leftovers , the day was kind of sunny and everything was going ok with the bike, so far, I was "happy as pig in shit".

This, ladies and gentleman, is a BIKEJUMBLE at closing time!

Ok. so I didnt buy anything and left the event half an hour after getting in, but I was still happy.

Started the bike, rode it for 2 or 3 miles and it starts to cough,cough,cough... My exact thoughts were: "Oh minha puta, não me vais deixar aqui..."  Got the tools out, took one plug off and black as black can be. This is where my state of mind really got dark. Luckily I had a spare spark plug. Changed it, started the bike and turned back right in that spot. All went ok for the next 80 miles but when I tried to start it again, after reaching the workshop, it wouldnt. The only thing I got out of it was a puddle of petrol on the shop's entrance.  I later discovered that I had a very filthy carb bowl, a stuck vacuum piston and a hole in a float.

Oh well, could be worse. Again, glad I've got 3 bikes.