domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

National Motor Museum - Beaulieu

On a very cold  Sunday, the CestosTeam drove down to Southampton to visit the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. 100 miles later, there we were, buying the tickets.

Top Gear's wrecks. The Nissan that crossed the English Channel and the Toyota Hilux that got demolished. Both still run.

1969 CB750 Four K0 (yuuummmmy)

The Museum is located in the New Forest National Park and the place is absolutely wonderful. A nice day out, although the car/bike collection (in my opinion) is not as good as the Transport Museum in Coventry. Anyway, the weather helped and it it's worth the trip.

The Palace House visit is also included in the Museum tour.

domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010


Mileage in 25-05-2010  

Mileage today
I'm very happy to say that the engine on this bike is officially tested and passed.  I took it yesterday to Earls Court in London for a bicycle show and noticed this morning that it has done more than  600 miles since I rebuilt it.  Minor problems have been solved along these first miles after the re-born process and everything seems to be ok now.  I'm a happy man but a bit unsure of what to do with it...