domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Popham Airfield

Popham Airfield is halfway between London and Southampton on the M3. Home to to the Spitfire Club, the airfield is nothing else but that...a field of green grass where small aeroplanes take off and land.

This weekend the Airfield was used  for  the annual Motorcycle Meet and Autojumble where we decided to go there and get some pictures to share with the rest of the WORLD.  And because "Happyness is only real when shared", here they are...

A Commer van very similar to one my father had  in the 70s and just like this one, it  would NEVER start.

They actually managed to get a complete engine with a fuel tank and the exhaust INSIDE the wheel hub!
 This was back in the 50s. On the right there's a picture of a 68 Honda CB450. My bike inherited the engine from this same model, and from the outside you cant tell the difference, except for the exhaust.

BMW Isetta 300
All I know about this is that it had a RELIANT tag on it...

The "coolest" bike in the fields

The second "coolest" bike in the fields. No money, some brain and a pair of tools

BMW R100GS Paris Dakar
Moto Guzzi with a Swingarm

About lunch time we were both quite hungry and decided to get some food from one of the "food" trailers in the recint. We saw the "Carvery Baggettes" one and since this was the less crowded of them all, I said to Helena "There's no one here, that can only mean the food is acceptable..."A gastronomical joke few will understand, nevertheless , quite funny in a caustic way.
I've learned from all the times I've went to this kind of places to sit peacefully for at least a minute or 2 and watch how things work, and only then move on to the queue and ask for what I want. During these 2 minutes of contemplation , I saw the lad asking the costumers who ordered the "house special" if they wanted "stuffin" with it. Well, just by looking at the stuff's bowl I could not understand what the ingredients where or even if it had any. I thought to myself, this is going to be good fun!

When my turn came and I was asked if I too wanted "stuffin" with my Carvery Baguette, I said "Sure, what is it?"  The young lad looked at me in interrogation as in "What kind of person asks what's in his food??" only to realise that he couldnt answer my question... He then turned to the side and asked "What's in it?" The lady besides him didnt know as well. At the same time this was happening a big fat guy (the boss I presume) came into the trailer and ver eloquently said: "err, It's got the stuff usually stuffin is made of..."

I rest my case but not without saying that a dog would have refused the "Carvery Baguette with Stuffin Stuffed"

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