quinta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2010

The old tyre

By chance I managed to book the MOT for my bike on the 25th of August (Yesterday) , exactly 3 months after I bought it.  I was happy and confident that it would pass, once I've replaced all(most) every bit on the bike that needed to be replaced.

Still they managed to find it. The only bit I didnt change for obvious financial reasons, although I ment to change it in the near future.  Yes,the front tyre. Because it's a veeeery old tyre and the bike stood for many years on it, it's deformed and not as round as it should be.

It failed the test and I had to bring it back to the workshop for a tyre change.  I found an old tyre that's is better shape than mine, so I'm trying this one and because it's been raining here for 2 days now, I didnt get a chance to take it for a retest.

Anyway I also found that the charging system is not working as it should, so after running some tests, I found the stator might not be outputing enough power to charge the battery properly. Good thing I've got at least 3 of every part for this bike.

More to come soon.

Tradução: Resumidamente a mota foi a inspecção e chumbou por ter o pneu da frente "quadrado" de estar parada muito tempo no mesmo sitio. Arranjei um pneu velho mas em melhor estado e vou tentar novamente amanhã.
Também descobri que a bateria está a ser carregada a 12V, o que é muito pouco e pelos vistos vou ter que trocar o gerador dentro do motor.

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