terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Ready... Set... !!!

Its the night before the departure and everything is set. We managed to pack only essential stuff and not too many hand creams. Its still raining and temperatures have dropped today, so tomorrow morning we wont be "easy riders"...
We would like to thank all of our English (and in betweens) speaking friends who support us and this trip (Thank's boss!Counting on you!)
I would specially like to thank all those who kindly received the mail from the postie's hands and with great sense of duty (and never showing any type of mockering smiles) handed me, everyother day , packages and boxes containing parts, bits and bobs for my bike. This wouldnt be possible without you, nice mail middleman and middlewomen!! To all yous a big THANK YOU VERY NICE!!!!
To everyone's kids, grandsons,brothers, sisters and dads,coffee and tea drinking drivers,Brighton natives,accountants,cobblers and bodgers see you all soon!

2 comentários:

  1. estou farto de ver sempre a mesma merda, ve la se actualizas isso

  2. Por onde andam?
    Já comeram os folares e amêndoas tugas?
    Já se estão a fazer ao deserto Marroquino?
    Digam qualquer coisa!