sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

The beauty inside

During the process of restoring my CB500T last summer,I kind of lost control of things and bought a job lot of donors. 2 bikes left for dead "as usual" wich I cannibalised to get the first one running.
Having found myself with nothing to do and no TV , I decided to get something done to the second CB500 despite the odd looks I get every now and then from those who insist on asking "why...?"
 The way I see bikes has changed a lot over the years, specially since I got back into them over a "lost period" and I honestly think I can feel their essence a lot better now.
I hope my pictures show what I see when looking at something as old, abused, rusty and neglected  as this bike. 
Thank you to all the Harley owners for showing me the truth...

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